Top Low-Cost Christmas Gifts For Teens That Are Awesome and Guaranteed To Impress

The year 2018 had been full of ups and downs for lot of us… well, okay- hard truth is, for all of us. That is why it is hundred and one percent doubtless that the best possible way for one to feel the spirit of this most-awaited holiday- Christmas, is definitely through nothing else but the same old yet timeless act of *drumrolls, giving and receiving gifts! Imagine, what else would feel more fulfilling than the thought of someone actually preparing something for you in this cold yet heartwarming season?

Despite the importance of gift-giving as stated above, most of us do not really think that we have the sufficient ‘luxury’ to ever get involved with purchasing what ‘could satisfy’ those people which matters the most to us. Now, given that statement, we are roughly bumping with the biggest Christmas error that we might ever be deceiving ourselves with, this year. That is because, if we’ll just look hard enough, I guarantee everyone reading this right now, that it would be impossible not to find presents which could not satisfy your loved ones and at the same time, not burden in you debt nor get you near to that ‘need for luxury’ you are mistakenly expectant about.

And because it is the best season of the year, I am giving you a gift that would help you with that struggle we’ve been talking about. For you, here is a list of affordable yet awesome gifts you could give to your list of most favorite buddies, family members, and even to your significant other! With no further ado, here goes your Christmas shopping list!

IDEAL GIFT FOR TEENS- Fashion and Style: The Korean Way

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the domination of the ‘Korean Sense of Fashion’ had been, and continually will be the basis of defining what makes a style the on-trend fashion? With that idea, the ideal present you could have for your dear ones, especially for a teen, are nothing else but the following:

1. Korean Backpack Korean Bag Black Backpack School Bag

A Gift Worth ₱79.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at: 

This could serve as a backpack, knapsack which can be used both for schooling and for a simple gala.

2. Only Youth- Black Plain Jeans

A Gift Worth ₱258.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at:

Its Korean-inspired design, together with how stretchable it is and the soft fabric which it is made of, this jeans is perfect pair with some oversized shirts- would make your recipient definitely, an instant oppa!

3. Track Pants With White Striper

A Gift Worth ₱68 – ₱72.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at:

Well-suited for those who wants to style it just ‘chill’!

IDEAL GIFT FOR TEENS- Kikay Edition: Blush the Korean Way

Lot of us wanted to achieve that ‘kutis mestiza’- and it must be noted that there’s nothing wrong with it! In fact, this desire is what you could fulfill in selecting the possible gift for someone ‘kikay’ that you know. With the suggested gift below, you can make someone’s journey to that ‘mestiza look’ way easier!

Luna Organic Clay Blush Luna Clay Blush Multi Purpose Cosmetic Bar Lip Color Lip Stick Blush On Make up 30g

A Gift Worth ₱79.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at: s364915650.html?spm=a2o6y.10450891.17.2.ed297fcaZy4ACz&mp=3


This product is not just for your cheeks, but a multi-functional part of the mestiza kit indeed! This is because it also can be used as liptint and eyeshadow. Moreover, there should be no worries on your side in the possibility of being accountable to your recipient in any way, since this one is both organic and FDA approved!


You’ve got bunch of cute kids on your list and you do not know what you can give to them to make this season a merry one, for them?

Well, you know what the kids love! It’s those little yet cool things- and of course, something that they can always can look at.

WILY# LED Wrist Watch

A Gift Worth ₱18.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at:

Cool and cute- just like them! That’s all.


Are you in close bond with someone geek that you know has high-standards when it comes to being classy and owns this unstoppable wanting of looking like a real-goodie even behind those thick lenses? Well, we’ve got you covered up.

Style and comfort in one gift? Here you go. 

A Gift Worth ₱179.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at:

The lens of this awesome frames are replaceable and is anti-radiation. It also comes with a pouch and a wiper!


We all are aware of how a bad hair day can actually make the whole day feel like ‘this is not your lucky day’. Also, we know that hassle brought by still damp hair yet facing the need to already rush into our morning class. For those ‘someone’ you know who had appeared in your mind while reading the first to sentences- someone who either has a long hair or is simply wanting his/her hair to always be ‘in tune’, would be the perfect receiver for this affordable yet quality recommended gift we have below!

Foldable Mini Travel Hair Dryer Compact Blower

A Gift Worth ₱110.00 Only!

For further information, you can find it here at:

Not only convenient and safe to use, but as well as, an energy-saver!

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